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Maintaining and Restoring of Wood Decks

Ideally you should have an annual maintenance programme in place for your wood decking.
All decking, composite, hardwood and softwood needs to be jet washed to clean and remove any build up of algae. This ensures that deck boards don’t become slippery. Due to the make-up of composite decking this is all the maintenance required each year. Softwood and hardwood decking will require a wood preservative to maintain and protect the timber.

Softwood Decking Maintenance

Softwood decking requires a clear wood preservative, preservatives with colour can make the decking timber peal, it can also look patchy quite quickly. If you consistently colour your softwood decking it will peel once weathered. When jet washed yearly it can become very patchy and shows a mottled affect. Softwood decking normally has grooves, even though jet washing removes much of the peeling, flaking and build up of colouring, you are not able to sand it back in the same way you can with hardwood. We don’t advise treating soft wood with anything more than a clear wood preservative.

Hardwood Decking Maintenance

Hardwood decking needs to be oiled, and there are plenty of coloured oils which can give a stunning looking finish to your deck. Since hardwood tends to be smooth you are able to sand your deck and remove all covering to the bare wood, and then oil. We offer a complete jet washing service as well as staining with clear wood preservative on soft wood decking as well as oiling of hardwood decks.

If your hardwood decks are in a bit more need of some serious love, then we can sand back to bare timber and re oil so they look brand new.


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